Learn the Art of Chocolate with World-Famous Chocolatiers

Through professional and intimate chocolate workshops, discover the most creative chocolate making techniques and develop your own art of chocolate with highly skilled and famous chef chocolatiers, followed by a Bean2Bar in-depth experience



Any chocolatier, chef, food passionate or artisan from anywhere in the world with some chocolate expertise (eg: tempering) who wants to:

  • Learn specific techniques with famous master chocolatier

  • Become an expert in Belgian chocolate making

  • Understand the making of chocolate from scratch from dried cocoa beans and learn how to make amazing filled chocolate



This certificate course covers the entire chocolate making process. You’ll learn how to make gourmet chocolate using modern techniques and recipes:

  • Discover the bean to bar process

  • Make your own chocolate from the couverture to the final product

  • Experience the entire chocolate making and manufacturing process by using high tech machinery with professional experts