Improve your Sales with Professional Tools

Embark for an immersion in the cocoa journey, learn the complexity of chocolate making and discover the best management, packaging and marketing professional tools to improve the sales and the customer experience of your chocolate business

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As a passionate of chocolate, you understand how important it is to master the Belgian savoir-faire (and its history) as well a the best techniques to make but also to present your chocolates. This masterclass is dedicated to:

  • Independents/entrepreneurs wanting to open their own shops

  • Franchisees from any company brand chocolate with a network of stores who want to become chocolate experts

  • A chocolate company brand who wants to offer store manager or key staff the opportunity to become chocolate expert

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This certificate course will teach you principles to become a “connoisseur” in chocolates” and to understand the basics of how chocolate is made. The course covers the roots, the chocolate making process and how to manage a successful retail chocolate shop:

  • Discover how to source and pack your chocolates

  • Learn how to test the best chocolate

  • Master the art of attracting customers and succeed in the chocolate business