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Driven by our passion for chocolate, we want to share and perpetuate the Belgian chocolate legacy and the bean to consumer philosophy to chocolate professionals.


Our Values

Passion. Belgian expertise. Excellence. Conviviality. Sustainability. Pleasure. Innovation. Creativity. These are 8 reasons for us to love and carry our work every single day.


Our Philosophy

Our whole team is fond of chocolate. This is our art. And we are happy to share our passion with people like us, who want to:

- Understand both the origin and the history of the product they buy.

- Discover more sophisticated and premium chocolates.

- Create the ultimate shopping experience.

- Promote the traditional Belgian chocolate savoir-faire.

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Art of Chocolate

Choco Story
New Chocolate Museum

33, Rue Lombard
Bruxelles, Bruxelles, 1000


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